Always get the English version at

When you visit, it shows pages in the local language you have configured in your browser’s settings. Sometimes the pages are properly translated by humans, sometimes it is machine translated.

I always want the English versions of the Docs site pages, but I do not want to have English as the default language in my browser since I want Swedish version on other websites.

I discovered the Firefox plugin called Redirector. It does one very simple task. It looks for pattern matches in the URL and modifies them according to my rules.

So I installed it and created the following Redirect rule:


The * is a wildcard, so anything will match. $1 is the value that the first wildcard represented. Note that my rule only matches Swedish (sv-se), you may need to modify your rules to match your language (or all languages).

Now, whenever I visit a page that starts with* it is immediately changed to*:


There are similar extensions for Chrome, but I have not tested them yet:


Switcheroo Redirector

About Tom Aafloen

IT Security Advisor @ Onevinn
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