ATA Center – Installation failed. Error code: 0x80070002

When I recently installed an ATA Center I encountered the following error message:

Installation failed. Error code: 0x80070002

I got the error message right after entering the Center configuration information, as seen below:

When looking on the ATA logs (which I unfortunately didn’t save, so I can’t show them here), I eventually saw that the installation had issues finding the setup executable file?

It then hit me.

I had downloaded an ISO-file with the ATA installation media on it. I double-clicked the iso to auto-mount it in Windows, and then ran the Microsoft ATA Center Setup.exe from the mounted drive.

This normally doesn’t cause any issues. But since .Net Framework wasn’t installed on the server, the ATA Center installation Wizard kindly asked to do this for me:


That installation required a reboot of the server.

When I logged in again, the ATA Center installation automatically resumed, but failed with the error above.

Here’s the thing: Mounting iso files does not persist a reboot. So the the wizard was looking for a virtual drive that didn’t exist at that time.

As it turns out, this is a know problem and it is even listed in the ATA Deployment documentation:


Kudos to the ATA team for being clear about this. I do not know how I managed to miss it.

Note that the ATA Center seems to be installed after this error occurs:


Although it is not (no folder called Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics here):


Simple choose to “uninstall” it before trying to install the ATA Center again, otherwise you will see this message:


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