Translate Windows messages in other languages

Sometimes I run into error messages in foreign languages, like this French one:


Ok, I admit it, I made the dialog box myself, but the message text is real. And I have no idea what it means.

So, how can I find out what “Le contenu a été bloqué, car il utilise un protocole de chiffrement non sécurisé.” really means? Preferably with the exact wording of the corresponding English message in Windows.

As in most cases, Google is usually your friend. There are also many online translation services, but since a word can have multiple meanings they might alter the wording, and that can make further troubleshooting Googling harder.

But did you know that Microsoft has a Language Portal, where you can search and translate Microsoft official terminology?

The address is
and it look like this:


In the search result for the message above can see what the message says:


You can also search translations from English to other languages. The list contains a whopping 115 languages! Did you for instance know that the word administrator is called alábòójútó in the language Yoruba and umlawuli in the language ixiXhosa?

You do not have to search the exact string, partial matches will work as well. You can also filter your results based on 118 different products. Here I have limited my search results of the word administrator to only show results from the product Intune:


I hope this tip will help others that sometimes also has to troubleshoot Windows machines with foreign languages configures.

About Tom Aafloen

IT Security Advisor @ Onevinn
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