LastPass now also free on mobile devices


The password manager LastPass has always been free to use in your web browser, but they just announced that they will no longer require a paid subscription for accessing your LastPass from mobile devices:


If you are not using a password manager yet there is a chance that you might be reusing the same few passwords on all you different websites and perhaps also keep them simple/short so that they are easier to remember. Both of which are really bad ideas.

I can really recommend LastPass for managing all your passwords. I have been a paid subscriber for several years and store hundreds of passwords to websites, Wi-Fi connections, PIN codes and other various secret things there.

There are other alternatives that are equally good, which one you chose is not the most important thing, just that you start using one.

Remember to use a very secure and long master password. Put some effort in creating and remembering it, and take comfort in that it is (almost) the last password you will ever have to remember. Hence the name of the service Smile

Don’t forget to activate Two Factor Authentication and to configure LastPass to log you out when you log on from another browser/device and also to log you out after a certain time of inactivity. Even if using a password manager can increase the complexity of all your passwords while making life a lot easier for you, if someone gets into your account they have the keys to all your kingdoms.

LastPass can be configured to do a lot of things, and I won’t go through all the features here. But be sure to check it out to increase your identity protection without going insane remembering tons of different complex passwords.

Read more about how LastPass can make your password life a lot easier:


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