Azure Information Protection client – now with diagnostics!

The Azure Information Protection client was recently updated to version

One of the improvements is a built-in diagnostics tool:


You get to this dialog box by going to the Home tab and clicking on the Protect icon in an Office application, and then selecting Help and feedback:


As you can see this option is not there in the previous version of the client:


When you click the Run diagnostics link a new window appears and the progress of the diagnostics tests are continuously updated:


You might get prompted to login with you Azure AD account:


The test takes some time (see the status bar text in the image above), but it sure takes A LOT less time than doing all these tests manually.

When the test is finished you can click Copy Result an send to your helpdesk or to Microsoft support. You can also click Reset to perform a reset on the Azure Information Protection client’s settings:


If you chose to perform a reset you will see these prompts:



I have seen the diagnostic tool get stuck at different stages of testing, but simply closing the result windows and re-running the diagnostics have solved it.

You can download the latest version of the Azure Information Protection client with the built-in diagnostic tool here:

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