Links from my Windows Security and ATA session

2016_10_04 - EMS ATA

A few days ago I spoke about IT security in general and Advanced Threat Analytics in particular at Microsoft’s headquarter in Stockholm.

I showed a few sites and was asked to share them. So here they are:



Norse is a company that has over 8 million sensors all over the internet that detects attacks. They visualize the current attacks on a world map, which is available here:

World’s Biggest Data Breaches


Over a decade of data breaches are visualized in this interactive map, where you can sort, color code and click for more information:

‘;–have i been pwned?


Security expert Troy Hunt gathers and verifies credentials in data leaks, and gives you the possibility to search for your email address to see if it was present in any of the confirmed leaks. You can also subscribe to alerts if your address appears in a future leak and if you can prove ownership of a domain you can subscribe to alerts for all addresses in that domain:



The entire IPv4 network is continuously scanned for exposed services and the result is stored in a searchable database. If a bug or weakness is found in a particular software version, all public servers using that exact version can be immediately found and exploited, which makes quick patching very important:

Update 2017-08-04:
Here is another site that tracks major data breaches:

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