How does your browser react to certificate errors?

Sometimes I need to see how my browser (or some other device) reacts to different certificate issues. Examples of issues are:

  • Expired certificate
  • Revoked certificate
  • Self-signed certificate
  • Certificates with wrong subject
  • Mixed content (http content on a https web page)

With the ongoing deprecation of SHA1, other interesting test cases are:

  • Certificate signed with SHA1 that expires in 2016
  • Certificate signed with SHA1 that expires in 2017

Instead of spending time on setting up these scenarios myself I use the following site:

It works on any device that has a web browser. Here is a screenshot from Safari on my iPhone:


Clicking a button/link will redirect you to a website that has a certificate with that specific error.

Here are screenshots where the name of the site does not match the name in the certificate (the button):



Internet Explorer 11


Chrome v45


For some reason they to not have a revoked certificate, so for testing that issue I use Steve Gibson’s test site at the address

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