Quick access to the Certificate snap-ins


Are you also opening the local certificate snap-ins by first running mmc.exe and then adding the Certificate snap-ins manually? I’ve done that sooo many times that I’ve gotten pretty fast at it.

A faster way is to type certmgr.msc for User Certificates and certlm.msc for Computer Certificates (certlm.msc does not work on Windows 7 or older).

But did you know that from Windows 8 there is an even faster way?

Just press the Windows key and type certi

This is how it looks like on Windows 10 (build 10074):


Note that on some OS versions typing just cer or cert also shows them both, but I have found that typing certi always show both of them. This is for example how it looks like on windows 8.1, typing just cert:


But when I type certi I see both User and Computer:


I realize that this only saves you a couple of seconds, but wasted seconds adds up in the long run  Ler

About Tom Aafloen

IT Security Advisor @ Onevinn
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