Activate Windows 10 Technical Preview


Usually Windows 10 Technical Preview will self-activate during install, but in some scenarios it will require manual activation. Trying to activate with the preconfigured product key will not work.

Follow these simple steps to successfully activate Windows 10 Technical Preview:
(same procedure will work on other Windows versions as well)

First we need to find out what version of Windows you are running (Pro or Enterprise). If you are unsure, press Win-R, type winver and press Enter. The line right below the copyright symbol states the version. This example shows the Pro version:


To start activation, press Win-R, type SLUI.EXE 3 and press Enter:


This will open a prompt to enter a product key:


Use the relevant product key below, depending on what version of Windows 10 Technical Preview you are running:

Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview:

Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview:

Note that this is not a “hack”, these are publicly available keys:

When you paste the key (or enter the last digit manually) it will automatically try to activate:


You should after a few moments see this message:


Windows 10 Technical Preview is now successfully activated!

About Tom Aafloen

IT Security Advisor @ Onevinn
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