New version of the RMS sharing application

A new version of the RMS Sharing Application has just been released. It can be downloaded from here:

The setup files are no longer stored in a zip-file. It is now a standalone file called setup.exe that is 407 Kb. It downloads the necessary installation files when it runs.

One new feature is that you can protect an attachment in Outlook without protecting the entire mail. This is done by clicking the Share Protected button in the compose mail window:


When you click the button you will be prompted to configure some options, like the level of permission and if you want to enable content expiration:
Note: Remember to write the mail first, since the mail will be sent directly when you protect the attachment.


I’ll change it to allow consumption on all devices. This means that the attached Word-document, even though the fileformat it nativly RMS aware, will use the generic wrapper pfile instead. This way I can open it on my iPhone.


When I click Send Now the mail will be sent with the attachment RMS protected.

If I try to open a nativly RMS-protected Word document (that still has the *.docx file extension) on my iPhone it will not know that it needs to be decrypted first and the Word viewer will show this instead of trying to decrypt the document with the RMS app:


This is what the mail with the pfile attachment looks like on my iPhone:


When I click on the attached pfile and choose to open it with the RMS Sharing App I get prompted for my RMS credentials (as you can see the RMS sharing app is now localized and shows me a swedish version):


After I authenticate my phone shows me the permissions (in swedish) that I am asked to comply wih and I am informed that the usage of this document is logged:


When I click OK and choose to open the wordfile in Office Mobile I see the document:


Other news in the RMS Sharing Application are some IT administator custom settings to control the behavior of the app. See more details here:

About Tom Aafloen

IT Security Advisor @ Onevinn
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