The option Enterprise unavailable during CA installation?

When installing a Active Directory Certification Authority (or  CA server for short), the Setup Type option Enterprise might be greyed out:


This is most likely because you are not running the installation with an account that local administrator on the member server AND is a member of the Enterprise Admins group or the Domain Admins group in the Forest Root Domain.

If you look in the CA installation logfile (located here: C:\Windows\certocm.log) you will see the following error message:

Enterprise CA option availability status: ENUM_ENTERPRISE_UNAVAIL_REASON_NO_INSTALL_RIGHTS


To find out what groups you are member of, run the command:
whoami /groups

Make sure that one of the following groups (or both) are listed:
DOMAIN\Enterprise Admins
DOMAIN\Domain Admins

To enable the the Enterprise option, simply add the user account to one of the groups listed above and log out and in again (to update the kerberos token) or use an account that already is a member, then retry the installation.

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4 Responses to The option Enterprise unavailable during CA installation?

  1. Since Windows 2008, an EnterpriseCA can only be installed on a domain member but no longer on a domain controller. Enterprise CA option is greyed out / unavailable if that’s the case.

    Kind regards

  2. Khurram Shaizz says:

    i already suffer in this option could not install Enterprise CA if you have any solution please

    • Tom Aafloen says:

      Have you verified that you are a member of the required groups, as this post shows? Have you also verifed that the server is joined to a domain, but that you are NOT installing it on a server that already is a Domain Controller? Please let me know if and how you solved it.

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